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How to seal a bath

How To Seal A Bath

The Tec 7 guide to applying sealant like a professional.
How to fix a leaky roof

Fixing Leaky Roofs

How to repair leaks quickly and efficiently using the Tec 7 range.
How to repair guttering

Repair Guttering

Stop guttering leaking even if it's still wet.
  • Tec 7 Sealant & Adhesive
    Bonds, Mounts, Seals...
    Even Under Water

    Tec 7 is the sealant chosen by professional builders and DIY users alike. It is a hybrid polymer product for flexible bonding and sealing.
    Tec 7 can seal, mount and bond all common building materials - even under water, eliminating the wait or need for damp or wet surfaces to dry. Tec 7 can do the job.
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  • X-Tack 7
    The Superior Instant Grab Adhesive

    Apply, position, forget. No messing around with clamps, screws or temporary structures. With X-TACK 7 you maintain control of all assemblies. Without aids.
    The fastest assembly adhesive among the MS polymers
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  • GT 7
    Next Generation Penetrating Oil

    GT 7 is an extremely versatile spray which frees up a lot of space in your warehouse shelves.
    A deep-penetrating moisture repellent, powerful rust-fighter and penetrating oil.
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  • Tec 7 Filler
    Outstanding Adhesion

    Tec 7 Filler is a professional all-in-one filler and finishing plaster for use with all porous building materials.
    Fill and finish with a single product - dries without shrinking or cracking
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  • Multi-Clean 7
    Fast Acting Cleaner

    The all purpose foaming spray cleaner.
    Safe to use on a wide range of materials, such as mirrors, windows, doors, furniture, imitation leather, hard synthetics, stainless steel, enamel, formica tiles, carpeting etc.
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  • Tec 7 Cleaner
    Safe Solvent Cleaner

    TEC 7 Cleaner is the partner for all TEC 7 sealants.
    This safe solvent cleaner ensures a grease-free substrate to which perfect adhesion is possible.
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  • Pur 7
    Pur 7 Expanding Foam

    B2 Fire Rated Insulation and Mounting Foam
    Expanding Foam that stops expanding when it meets resistance. Suitable for a wide variety of mounting and insulation jobs.
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  • Pur 7 Plus
    Gun Grade Expanding Foam

    B1 Fire Rated Gun Grade Expanding Foam that stops expanding when it meets resistance.
    The mounting and insulation foam for when low expansion matters.
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  • Super 7
    Superfast adhesive and activator

    Bonds instantaneously at room temperature
    Super 7 Plus has a wide range of applications and bonds most plastics, rubbers, glass, ceramics, wood, leather, etc., to metals or porous building materials (blue stone, chipboard, stone, etc.) or to each other (all combinations).
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  • Tec 7 is the high-tech solution to all your mounting and sealing problems. Tec 7 can seal, mount and bond all common building materials...
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    • Sealant
    • Adhesive
  • The all purpose foaming spray cleaner Multi-Clean 7's useful properties include: Universal, all-purpose fast-acting cleaner for household and professional use...
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    • Cleaner
  • X-Tack 7: The assembly adhesive. X-Tack 7 - Seven great features in one great product: The quickest assembly adhesive of all the MS…
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    • Adhesive
  • B2 Fire Rated Insulation and Mounting Foam - the mounting and insulation foam with permanent flexibility. Suitable for a wide variety of jobs.
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    • Expanding Foam
  • GT 7 is the top class solution to all your moisture repelling problems. GT 7's useful properties include: Moisture Repellent Fights Rust...
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    • Penetrating Oil
  • Roof 7- The instant bitumen, butyl rubber and reinforced fibres for repairing, bonding and sealing. Roof 7's useful properties include: Unique Roof...
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    • Sealant
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